Strategic Board

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to deliver sophisticated and detailed board candidate curation with a focus on corporate and board cultural understanding. Our boutique approach addresses strategic board needs through the unique lens of corporate values with certainty of results. Though our reach and resources are world class, Strategic Board Solutions is not simply an aggregator of profiles. We do not act as a warehouse for personalities and personnel records––catalogues that are a result of a bucket list approach. We are committed, intentional, present and engaged in the process of delivering results that are highly specialized and uniquely complimentary.

In today’s marketplace, many large firms offering board member searches are more interested in growth, monetization opportunities, and scalability. In the process, firms can miss subtle yet exceedingly important differences between their offerings and the needs of the nomination committees tasked with finding candidates for their boards. Themes such as compatibility and corporate cultural awareness often get over looked. Despite that breach, boards and nomination committees often remain compelled to look to fill director vacancies based purely on a formulaic approach as a result of needing to mitigating risk, streamline processes, and harvesting standardized efficiencies. This approach, though common, leads to highly homogenized results––results that can often lead to common candidates. Best practice requires a more substantive approach. In our case, a highly customized one as well. There is a clear need for this curated approach in the board search market, and we are filling it.

We engage in the process of delivering board director value with an understanding that certain benchmarks of achievement are valued. Among those characteristics are: exceptional professional success, industry and pier recognition, and a sterling reputational profile. In regards to Strategic Board, recognizing and acting on these concepts is just the first step in a process that is focused on deep diligence in delivering uniquely tailored results. We take the process of curation to a more elevated and intimate level.

Director candidates that are a part of the Strategic Board model are the most respected, engaged, and collaborative individuals in their respective fields. Additionally, oftentimes the selection of these individuals is based on their professional skill sets as a way of complimenting the constitution of the board. Further, we are not conflicted by mixed messaging on mission statements. As our name implies, we limit our practice to board (public, private, not-for-profit) level placement. Importantly, our board service does not include activist-driven agendas or executive search. We are intimate, with our efforts targeted by design. Our client list is intentionally limited.

Diversity is more than simply a catch phrase for the team at Strategic Board. We source the domestic US market in our process. We pride ourselves in placing leaders from every demographic, gender, race and geography with an eye on corporate cultural intelligence and shared values.

Strategic Board Solutions (TM) A division of Kenny & Co. LLC