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Breaking through the patriarchal political barrier, Lagarde becomes Europe’s first female central bank governor–by Kang Lu and edited by Zhang Qingning. Original in Mandarin

Lagarde accepted an interview with the author of this article before the G20 summit in China in 2019.

Lagarde is 63 years old this year, she has been breaking through the social impression of female politicians throughout her life. She continues to advance to the higher power of international finance.

Her next stop is to head the European central Bank (ECB) as ECB President and the first woman to reach the top of the European financial industry.

September 12, 2019, Lagarde announced her official resignation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) President, after an 8 year career in  Washington.

In the afternoon, she announced through social media,”It was my last day as the president of the IMF. As I said before, the fund is the brain, collection of wallets and hearts. For 8 years, we worked together and strengthened the IMF’s commitment to serve member countries. This is an experience that I will cherish forever.”

So-called “brain, collection of wallets and hearts”, means that the IMF not only provides loans, policy advice and technical assistance, while at the same time paying attention to the most vulnerable people in society.

“I think, “We helped the world avoid the second economic depression,” Lagarde expressed in the concluding remarks.

In her time as IMF president, Lagarde served as the firefighting captain of the European debt crisis and advanced IMF share and governance reform by balancing the delicate relationship between Europe, America and emerging countries. Also actively promoted women’s equal rights and Macroeconomic issues, not covered by the IMF, such as climate change.

Her president’s career is to be in an endless meeting, business trip, and spend time in negotiations, but she did not sacrifice her life hobby. Her Chanel suit and Hermes Scarf, prove that women can be both fashionable and of course capable. She often faces the outside world’s doubts about her knowledge during the economic contraction.

She doesn’t seem to care.

Super financial hub Prism Express author, Sandra Navidi, “On the occasion of climbing the career peak, many women choose to converge their own personality, integrating into a male-dominated world, but Lagarde always maintains the charm of women–this requires greater confidence and courage.”

As Lagarde ends the IMF journey, on the verge of taking over the European Central Bank, questioning voices came again: Can a French woman who is not an expert on economics subject lead the monetary policy of the euro zone?

Struggle and cooperation with Merkel

“The role of the ECB president is to shape monetary policy around European fiscal policy. To ignite demand, achieve growth, and remain stable,” Peter Kenny, Founder of Kenny’s Commentary. “Many people think that if anyone can really achieve this goal–that is Lagarde.”

Lagarde is not a stranger in European politics.

Lagarde was born in Paris, at the age of 49, she became the minister of the French government. She is also the first female minister in charge of economic affairs in the history of the G8. Read more with browser translation tool  here

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